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              ”Panssarijotos 2018” PRE-INFO

              Thank You for participate in Panssarijotos 2018 !


You should sign in at the competition centre, the address is Parolannummentie 291, FI-13700 Hattula. The Information point is located just beside the Parking area, opposite the garrison.

The competition office will be open at 1600 hrs on Friday the September 14th and will be closed at 1815 hrs. The opening ceremony will be held at 1830 hrs nearby the office.

The military series competition is starting right after the ceremony, approx 1900 hrs.
All the military series patrols will start at the same time, with the Rogaining –type of orienteering.

Both series will start the Saturday with mixed send out. There will be a shuttlebus from the camping area to start area of Saturday. The busses start at 0600 hrs. The military series patrols are send out by the order of entering (of Friday night).

The finish will be closed on Sunday the 15th at 1445 hrs. The closure and prizing ceremony will be held at 1530 hrs.

The Patrols need to carry all their equipment and food through the competition. Patrols should make their own meals. On Saturday there will a water supplies on the way (after approx. 10 kilometres). At the sleeping area and during the night-task there will be a possibility for a water supply and campfire.

After the competition You may enjoy the Finnish Sauna and a tasty warm soup.

The mandatory PERSONAL equipment:

  • sufficient personal gear, incl. spare-and rainwear (eg. camo, without militaryranks)
  • backbag (equal)
  • a mapcover
  • headlamp / lamp
  • matches, knife, notebook (a pen, paper/equal)
  • 2 pcs strong large plasticbags (200 l / equal)
  • a bottle, cutlery (equal)
  • id-card (photo incl.)
  • personal toiletry
  • food provisions / ration for 2 days
  • 4 pcs safetypins (for attaching the number badge)

The mandatory PATROL equipment:

  • tent / canvas (equal) for the hole patrol
  • portable stove (equal) and the fuel for it
  • hatchet and saw
  • compass
  • first aid supplies, painkiller
  • mobile phone (in sealed plastic); only to use in emergency purpose
  • strong rope or string (breaking resistance 200 kg) at least 25 metres
  • coordinate indicator for 1:25000 scale of map

For further information please contact the competition chairman Timo Mörsky (+358407531399 / Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.).





              Invitation to the Panssarijotos 2018


The annual national autumn hike (jotos) of the Finnish Reservists' Sports Federation takes place on September 14th to 16th in Tavastia province, southern Finland nearby the city of Hämeenlinna. The address of the competition centre is Panssariprikaati, Parolannummentie 298, FI-13700 Hattula.

The Panssarijotos 2018 is a hiking, orienteering and military skills competition open for all adult Finnish Citizens and for the invited foreign teams. The jotos rules are published by the Finnish Reservists' Sports Federation.

The competition is organized by several local reservist associations in cooperation with the National Defence Training Association of Finland (MPK) and the Armoured Brigade (Panssariprikaati). For Finnish reservists this event is counted into the refresher training day count.


There are two series in the Panssarijotos 2018 - the Reservist series which is open to everyone and the Military series which is more demanding. For the Military series the amount of the patrols is limited (by order of the enrollment). In both series the competitors enter as patrols of 3-4 persons. Optimal size for patrol is 4 persons. For a special reason, patrols of two or five members is accepted. Both series are open and neither military nor reservist membership is required. A completed conscription is not either needed. 


The competition starts on Friday September 14th at 1900hrs for the Military series and on Saturday September 15th at 0630hrs for the Reservist series (hiking series). The hike will be completed on Sunday September 16th by 1500hrs.


The route for the military series is approximately 55 km and for the Reservist series is approximately 45 km. Friday's route is approx 10km. The route on Saturday and Sunday is similar for both series (Saturday approx 30 km and Sunday 15 km). For both series, the focus on scoring is given to rifle marksmanship and to the success in solving different tasks requiring basic infantry and trekking skills.


Enrollment of the foreign citizens

Because the competition centre is located within a military area, the enrollment of the foreign citizens needs to be validated by the Finnish Defence Forces. Therefore a 'Request for visit' application (RfV) is needed. The RfV application can be downloaded from this link.

The RfV application must be sent together with the patrol's enrollment to Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.


If a competitor is a military person in a foreign service and wants to use a military uniform and ranks during the visit (valid also to the reservist) then this person needs also to send this entry application to the Finnish Defence Forces.

Please get in touch with the Security Authority of your home country (respective NSA or DSA). Your NSA or DSA then sends this application for the clearance to the relevant Finnish counterpart.

This entry application must be delivered at least six weeks prior to the competition.

Due to strict regulations it is highly recommended for a foreign citizen to participate in as “a civilian person” without any military ranks and national badges.
The “plain” camouflage uniform is allowed though.

The foreign citizens will register as competitors via email: Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.

Each patrol must register individually and from each competitor the following information must be given:

Name and address of the competitor
Name and domicile of the patrol
Patrol leader's name
Series (military or reservist)
Date of birth
Passport number (photocopy is recommended)
Rank (if military)

The enrollment of foreign citizens ends on August 3rd.


Competition fee

The competition fee is 95 euros per patrol, which shall be paid on the organisers' account by August 15th.
Account holder: Etelä-Hämeen Reserviupseeripiiri
Account IBAN number: FI34 5680 0020 0760 44
Account BIC code: OKOYFIHH

The fee includes the commemorative medal of the Panssarijotos 2018, meal on September 16th at the competition centre and the possibility of showering at the competition centre (after the finish of the hike).


The National Defence Training Association of Finland (MPK) has insured Finnish competitors. The insurance is valid during the competition, but does not cover any accidental loss of damage to the personal equipment that may take place during the competition. The participants are responsible for arranging insurance for their travel to and from the competition center. Foreign competitors are encouraged to validate the insurance coverage of their insurance company.

Equipment and Accommodation

During the competition, the competitors lodge in the terrain with their own equipment that they must carry with them throughout the competition. The competitors of the reservist' series may, if willing, arrive and sleep the night before start with their own equipment.

The list of mandatory equipment and instructions for each patrol will be send to the patrol leader by email latest two weeks before the competition.


For further information please contact the competition chairman Timo Mörsky (+358407531399 / Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.).

More details in Finnish at our website

Welcome to enjoy a hike in beautiful Tavastia (Häme)!




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